Succulents 101

By Jolene Hansen
Mastering Succulents in Style

Succulent plants deliver some of nature's most tantalizing shapes, textures and colors, from spiky leaves of agaves to the fleshy rainbow rosettes of “hens and chicks." Whether part of indoor or outdoor décor, these no-fuss plants are perfect for container growing. With a few simple basics, you can succeed with succulents and tap into your favorite trends.

Succulents look at home in simple containers and elaborate ones.

By combining succulents with distinctive containers, you'll create unique décor that hits trends, yet bursts with individuality. Pair teal-tinged succulents with sea-inspired swirls for coastal cottage charm. Mix silvery greens and succulent purples with faux-wood cement planters for a rustic-modern look, or go vertical with a succulent wall planter for a botanical tapestry.

Keeping succulents healthy and beautiful is simple. Just follow these basic tips:

1. Keep light bright

Proper light and care intensify succulent colors.

Most succulents thrive in full sun; bright light intensifies their rich colors. Provide as much light as possible, indoors or out, but go slow with change. Let plants adjust to new spots gradually.

2. Provide good drainage

Roots need oxygen. A coarse, fast-draining succulent potting mix strikes the right balance between soil, water and air. Porous containers, such as classic terra cotta, enhance airflow.

3. Water regularly

Succulents store up water to resist drought, but they look best when they're plump and hydrated. Water thoroughly, then let the soil dry well before watering again. Never leave succulents in standing water.

4. Limit plant food 

Succulents need few nutrients, even when packed into a container planting. A gentle liquid fertilizer feeds succulents through leaves, stems and roots to make the most of every feeding.

Succulents come in a potpourri of colors, shapes and textures.

5. Watch temperatures

Frost is an enemy of tender, succulent foliage. A little nip leaves lasting marks. When nighttime temps stay below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, keep container succulents inside.

Growing container succulents is a simple, satisfying way to bring beauty and style to your home. Pennington Garden Décor is here to help with easy, expert gardening advice and the latest trends in home and garden décor.

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