Creative Holiday Containers — Planters Make Practical, Memorable Packages

By: Kristen Hampshire
Poinsettia plant
What should you give this holiday season to the co-worker who brings you coffee when you're having a bad day, or to the teacher who has been a star to your little student? How about to the family member who seems to have everything? Gift cards seem so impersonal, and you're tired of the retail scene, but you want the people you care about to unwrap something memorable, purposeful and delightful.

Planters hold endless gifting possibilities!

Plants or holiday goodies packaged in creative, colorful containers show your love of thinking beyond traditional gift giving. The beauty of garden-inspired giving is longevity, because plants are gifts that live on and bring cheer. And, if you choose to leave plants out of the picture entirely, decorative multi-use containers make great organizers, catchalls and accent pieces.

Here are seven ways to use containers as holiday gifts this season to bring joy to all the special people in your life.
Colorful Succulent plants

Easy-care succulents make a thoughtful, green gift for teachers.

Teacher's Pet

Green up your child's classroom with a container of low-maintenance succulents. Easy-care cacti thrive over a long weekend or a weeklong break — no “homework" for the teacher in terms of plant care. Include several types of succulents in a crescent moon and star bucket planter that works for the holidays or everyday, or a jolly red ceramic container that will add merry to a learning space.

Think Spa!

A larger container, such as a smooth handle belly pot, can hold a luxurious towel, bath salts and a bottle of bubbly. Nest an eye-catching trio of off-white ceramic containers on a bathroom shelf to hold cotton swabs and other beauty accessories. Or, choose a combination of textured multi-use pots, such as these distressed scroll flair pots, or terra cotta scratched low bowl.

Tea Time

Place delicious teas and vintage spoons in a crocodile skin-textured flair planter, and then sweeten your gift with homemade cookies or muffins. Add a few packages of seeds to hint that the versatile container can be used to plant kitchen herbs once the tea party is over.
Holiday cookies around a festive setting

Sweeten the holidays with a gift of cookies in a neutral container.

Pint-Sized Stuffers

For a different way to package your homemade holiday fudge or the mini jars of jams you deliver to friends and neighbors choose from an assortment of 4-inch, colorful, mini ceramic containers. While you're at it, treat yourself and stock up on different colors. Use these fun containers to hold snacks for your family or munchies at your holiday party.

A Crafty Catchall

You don't have to fill a decorative container to gift it. Strike the fancy of the collectors on your list, and consider containers of different sizes and shapes. A low, glazed bowl or a shallow, "red hot" oval container has many uses. Leave the filling to the recipient. Low containers are perfect for holding catchalls in a sewing room, art studio or craft space.

A Container With a Message

Happy Holidays! I'm Grateful for You! Peace on Earth! Channel your imagination to write or draw a fun or meaningful message on a chalkboard flair pot. Use your thoughtful words to inspire friends, and then fill the planter with encouraging poems. You can also include colorful stationery and markers so recipients can continue to spread the good vibes and use the containers as gratitude vessels.
Terra cotta small planter pots

Easy-care succulents make a thoughtful, green gift for teachers.

Spruce-Up Front Porches

Give neighbors a festive dose of holiday spirit with winter-loving evergreens planted inside beautiful, stoneware Palermo planters. Decorate the plants with hand-strung cranberries or popcorn, pinecones, ribbon and small ornaments. Your gifts will thrive on their front porches through spring.

Multi-Use Containers: Think Beyond Plants

Thinking beyond plants for plant containers allows you to ditch the boxes and wrapping paper while providing enjoyment that lasts past the season. Beautiful, decorative, multi-use containers are truly the gifts that keep on giving.
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