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Classic colors provide the foundation that unifies all the elements that come together as you create your unique, personalized décor style. Whether your tastes run toward timeless European influences or nature-inspired farmhouse looks, classic colors transcend seasonal trends to tie everything together and carry your core décor forward.

As international color experts singled out the hottest new color trends for the coming year, they also named four enduring classics. Familiar, yet fresh and new, these classic colors provide starting points to help your vision for home and garden décor come to life, year after year.

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Boundless Navy-Inspired Blue

On its own or mingled with other colors, navy-like blues evoke feelings of calm, confidence and stability that go beyond the charm of sailors and seas. The true blue beauty of Moroccan tiles finds modern expression in our Indigo family's Indigo Squares and Indigo Coasters, while the ethnic-inspired patterns of our "blue yonder" Global Ikat and Electric Pots add international flair to global style.

With navy-like blues anchoring key points of your décor, you can explore the depths of this color classic color. Consider the dark, stormy blue of the Lady Jane Cup Pot or open the door to a range of blues and greens with the Mount Fuji Falls Low Cup Bowl or our exotic, nature-inspired Fan Planter.

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Enduring Dove Gray

Like the feathers of a mourning dove or a smoky harbor mist, classic dove gray manages to bring a slight warm tone to its smooth, cool neutrality. The rustic industrial undertones of modern cement favorites, from the organic farmhouse-style of the Basket Vase to the opal gray refinement of the Low Pedestal bowl, fit effortlessly with this timeless color scheme.

Enhance this classic core color with the contemporary flair of dove gray Electric Pots and the easy global flair of our dove gray Ikat Electric Pot. If stylish, organic options suit your tastes, try the earthy elegance of frost-resistant stoneware in the Tall Egg Pot and Egg Bowl in wet-cement gray.

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Timeless Warm Sand

From weathered, nature-inspired interiors to sleek contemporary bungalows, classic warm sand epitomizes soothing tranquility and sun-soaked warmth. From the cozy beige of our Lacey Cottage Pot to the Scratched Pot in speckled sand, this classic color connects quietly and confidently.

The natural appeal of the botanical details on our café au lait Vine Rim Square and Vine Rim Planter fits perfectly with warm sand's comforting sensibility. Sophisticated modern classics such as the Electric Pot and Electric Saucer in Oxford tan find welcome homes with this classic, as does the rustic aged-clay elegance of the Arched Leaf Low Bowl.

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Unforgettable Off-White

The cornerstone of classic colors, off-white adds a touch of natural warmth that takes white from stark to stunning. This classic, foundational color melds elegantly with luxurious, European-inspired traditions, but brings crispness and clarity to sleek, uncomplicated contemporary interiors just as easily.

Try the low-key glamour of the Quilted Flair Low Bowl to put this classic color to work in your home, or go with the crème brûlée beauty of the Carved Stone Low Bowl. With multiple inspired uses, bone white Electric Pots and Electric Saucers work together and separately to weave this understated, unforgettable standard throughout your home and garden décor.

With classic colors such as these four at the heart of your décor, you create a timeless foundation you can build on from season to season and year to year. Pennington Garden Décor is here to help you make your home beautiful inside and out with the latest trends, quality décor products and helpful, inspiring décor advice.

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