5 Quick Weekend Color Changes to Spruce Up Your Home

Cushion, seat, and flowers

Feel ready for a change? Kick the winter blues and welcome in the warm season by introducing some fresh color to your home. A weekend is enough time to stage a mini color make-over—we promise! And, if you've been overwhelmed by the mess of projects you "pinned" for the New Year, rest assured: These five simple, color-focused changes make a big impact fast, using enticing accents and pretty-practical containers.

Ready to get started?

Master the Mud Room.

It's everyone's favorite drop-spot for All The Things—a high-traffic area that deserves some attention. So, trade out tired storage bins, and bring order and style to the mud room with garden containers that serve as handy vessels. Use colored chalk to personalize the labels on metal chalkboard flair pots and arrange on a shelf. Stage a dimpled metal pot by the door to gather umbrellas. A green metal painters can by itself or in a group of three (or more) adds a touch of rustic color, bringing the outdoors in.

Create a Comfy Window Seat

Bring color to a room with pillows. To find another way to include more cozy, eye-catching texture into your home, stage a window seat. You don't need a built-in perch. Copy the look: A simple wooden bench decked with a collection of throw pillows—mix colors and fabrics—creates a relaxing place to read or write a letter to a friend. Add a metal window box and use it to stow your favorite magazines and books (or, if you prefer, a colorful indoor flowering plant).
Multi colored decorative cushions

Dress Up the Table

A lovely container on the dining table is a focal point, and you can build inspiring place-settings from there. Just as a rug can anchor a room, a vibrant vessel on the table does the same. Chose a group of containers like this threesome in a indigo window box and pair them with accessories such as an indigo tray, indigo candle holder and coaster set. Or, select a single stunner like a luminous, lava-colored petal bowl and go neutral with linen napkins. Set the tone for spring with a rainbow floral pot, then play off the container's color scheme when choosing placemats.
Tulips on table

Refresh the Front Door

Swapping the paint color on your front door and adding complementary containers can change the whole look of your home's façade. And, all it takes is a can of on-trend paint, a couple of containers and a different mat.

What hue should you choose? Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra-Violet—and other color themes include tech-inspired turquoise, pink and purple along with “resourceful" colors including blue and orange, which combine cool and warm tones.

What's your flavor? Go with a front door color that strikes you as welcoming and perhaps a bit daring. Next, select some containers, such as a pair that adds height and width with this layered leaves vasum and bowl. A duo of Atlantic Patio Pots flanking the door provide a symmetrical look.

American home with landscape

Plant a Colorful View

Spruce up your interior by considering the outside perspective: The Containers you stage outdoors create an attractive vantage point. Find your favorite planters in varying heights and sizes and form a group of three. Even empty, the container colors and textures will give you something beautiful to look at before it's time to plant flowers in spring.

Play with Color for a Fast Home Refresh

Simple color spruce-ups by incorporating bright containers as catch-alls and centerpieces, and by incorporating textural pop with pillows and paint, are quick and easy ways to give your home a spring-ready facelift without a lot of work. Which project should you tackle first? Start with the space that's dragging you down—maybe it's the messy mudroom or bare dining table. Then, prioritize and tackle one project a week. You won't break the budget with these economical ideas, and you can tell guests who ask, “Oh, it was no big deal—I did it myself!"
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