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Pennington Garden & Décor comes from multiple humble beginnings that have joined together to bring a wide array of products, styles and solutions. The philosophy has remained steadfast with a focus on relationships with manufacturers, retailers and our employees. Let’s take a walk through the endearing history of what has made Pennington Garden & Décor what it is today.

It all started with four start-up companies that had two things in common:

1. A love of the outdoor living space

2. An entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for fashion, function and nature

Founded in 1975 in Stoughton, Massachusetts by two business men focused on bringing perfectly designed planters to Garden Centers and Nurseries based in New England. 

Its Independent Garden Center success in the early 1980s brought expansion throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

By the late 1980s and into the early 1990s the Big Box stores came calling, hence establishing the long running relationships with today’s nationwide retailers. 

In 1994 a New Jersey based distribution center was opened, followed by acquisitions to balance out the product portfolio. 

A decade later and outgrowing their space, the expansion continued. This stirred the competitive market and brought about their purchase by Central Garden & Pet in 2004.

In 1977, shortly after New England Pottery begun, this San Lorenzo, California based company opened its doors. Norcal Pottery started its modest beginning as a Northern California importer and distributor of fine Italian Terra Cotta planters and American-made Stoneware planters. 

The business grew quickly due to strengthening retailer relationships with Garden Centers, Home Improvement and Mass Market outlets.  

By the 1980s Norcal Pottery was offering a full line of planters from USA-made to Malaysian, Mexican and Chinese imports. As the product line expanded so did the need for additional space in Southern California to service the customers’ needs. 

The 1990s brought imports from more countries around the world, and an ever-growing competitive presence and importance.  In 1999 Central Garden & Pet acquired Norcal to then take it nationwide.

Pennington’s story began in a small seed store on Main Street in Madison, Georgia in 1945. Brooks Pennington, Sr., the company’s founder, originally started out supplying the local farmers and ranchers with quality cotton, soybean and agricultural grass seeds. 

Grass seed is what lead to Pennington into broadening the business into multiple garden specific product lines and the purchase of Alby’s in 1987. Alby’s gave the company US distribution in Italian Terra Cotta. Pennington’s size allowed them to open competitive bidding and changed the game of distributing planters.

Much like its sister companies, New England Pottery and Norcal Pottery, Pennington rapidly began importing from countries around the world. Business grew and Pennington sold their first Terra Cotta planter into Lowe’s.

In 1997 Central Garden & Pet purchased Pennington, launching them into the Garden Décor industry.

Which leads us to today…hard work, strong ethics and passion for delivering quality with style is what Pennington Garden & Décor stands behind.